AR500 Armor® Guardian Plate Carrier


AR500 Armor® Guardian Plate Carrier Features: Designed from the ground up for comfortable and versatility Light weight and compact, while still providing adequate coverage Removable Shoulder Pads included! ITW GT Cobra Buckles allow quick...

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Sentry Plate Carrier


Ideal for home defense, emergency situations, training/carbine courses, and active shooter/rifle threat situations. The AR500 Armor® Sentry Plate Carrier features 600D nylon construction nets a lightweight & slim, yet rugged backbone to your body...

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AR500 Armor® Concealment Plate Carrier


AR500 Armor® Generation II Concealment Plate Carrier! Rifle threat protection designed for concealment where low visibility of your body armor is required. Every curvature and angle is specifically designed to minimize printing when worn concealed...

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Level III 9.5" x 6" (ABS) Curved, Build Up


AR500 Armor® ABS was developed to satisfy the growing demand for modular protection of the abdominal area. We set out to create a modular auxiliary armor system that could integrate with your existing plate carrier and body armor. Our Abdominal...

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AR500 Armor® Level IV Body Armor 10" x 12"


Designed to be affordable, reliable and capable of defending against multi-strike threats the AR500 Armor® Level IV hard armor plate is a cost effective, multi-hit rated, NIJ .06 Certified plate that offers excellent Level IV protection...

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Level IIIA Hybrid Backpack Armor 11" x 15"


Designed to be inserted into your everyday carry backpack providing protection under concealment. AR500 Armor® Hybrid 11" x 15" body armor integrates into your existing backpack under cover. Our Backpack Armor will fit into your school bag laptop...

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Level IIIA Hybrid 9.5" x 6" (ABS)


AR500 Armor® ABS was developed to satisfy the growing demand for modular protection of the abdominal area. Flexibility is by far the most important factor with auxiliary body armor; which we achieve with our Abdomen Ballistic System.  Our...

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Level IIIA Rimelig 11" x 14"


AR500 Armor® Rimelig IIIA Soft Body Armor offers a high value solution to IIIA threat level calibers. Providing protection against the most common handgun calibers in existence. Our Rimelig line is extremely versatile and economic, affording anyone...

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Level IIIA Hybrid 10" x 12"


When researching soft body armor it's important to understand the differences in material and construction techniques. 100% Aramid, Kevlar, or single component constructed panels, for example, are often cost effective, but will be heavier, less flexible,...

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Level II 10" x 12"


Designed to provide maximum coverage, our patented 10” x 12” ASC Body Armor Cut fills the void left by many soft armor panels, at a fraction of the price. Crafted to be used in standard plate carriers, stand-alone or in conjunction with rifle...

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