Bakcou eBike - Storm

$6,198.00 $5,898.00

Who Bakcou Had in Mind for the Storm eBike  Bakcou electric bikes cater to the hunting community. The Bakcou Storm is meant for hunters that plan on pulling large loads and tackling steep terrain. If you plan on going deep into the backcountry and...

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Bakcou eBike - Mule


Bakcou Mule Electric Bike: a Fat Tire Hunting eBike   Bakcou markets its bikes to a specific niche in the electric bike industry - hunters. Hunting often requires navigating off-beaten paths and packing heavy loads.  With an electric bike...

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Bakcou eBike - Flatlander


Bakcou Flatlander Electric Fat Bike: The Ideal Customer  The Flatlander is for hunters who don’t need or want as much power. If your hunts don’t include heavy loads and steep terrain, this electric bike is for you.  The Flatlander...

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Bakcou eBike Trailer


Folding Cargo eBike Trailer Bakcou has three bike trailers. While each works with the Bakcou e-bikes and can fold down, these trailers are best suited for different purposes. The Folding Cargo Trailer is the best option for hauling heavy loads and...

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