Overwatch Gear’s ethos is in the name- we’re all about force protection. Whether moving in the line of duty or extreme conditions, our promise is to observe the terrain ahead and provide the coverage in gear and clothing that you need to execute flawlessly with products we not only sell, but WON’T sell unless we have or would use in our own operations.

If there’s one thing we can predict, it’s that unpredictability underscores every aspect of our work, whether in the field, for sport or for task.  It’s in this unpredictability that we strive to deliver the best- and predictably dependable- tactical gear on the market. 

From first responders to LEO to military, we work with and provide the best for the best. 



Kurt Hansen

President & CEO, Principal

After working in public tax accounting for several years, Kurt’s entrepreneurial spirit drove him to spend full time efforts on his software and e-Commerce ventures including Anarchy Outdoors.  Kurt has a Bachelor and Master’s Degree in Accounting from Utah State University and is a Certified Public Accountant and member of the AICPA and UACPA.  When not working on the business strategy and company vision, Kurt enjoys spending time with his family, watching sports and developing new business ventures!



Aaron Gines

Chief Sales Officer, Principal

Aaron has a passion for precision marksmanship and providing top notch customer service and great products to the masses. When not exploring new product offerings, answering emails or keeping track of social media, Aaron enjoys spending time with his family, competing in local PRS Matches, shooting, hunting and helping others get into the sport. He has a Bachelor's Degree in Management Information Systems from Utah State University and is currently working on an MBA program.


Gene White

Product Manager

Gene is man behind the scenes at Anarchy Outdoors. After retiring from the U.S. Navy, Gene spent the years working at Hill AFB as a Security and Weapons manager over small arms. He has spent years training and teaching firearms handling, reloading and self-protection and gaining the distinction as a NRA Training Counselor and Utah Concealed Firearms Instructor. Gene spends his time enjoying his duties as a husband, father and grandfather and enjoys the outdoors hunting, shooting and camping.


Shelby Watterson


With 5 years of experience in graphic design, Shelby has a strong passion for making things pleasing to they eye. She is the person behind the camera and the computer to make our website and products look awesome! Don't let the girl image fool you though, she shot her first deer when she was 14 years old. When she's not helping work on our graphics she enjoys spending time with her 2 little boys and family. Eating pizza is her 3rd favorite hobby and she enjoys long walks on the beach to the closest pizza joint.


Cody Hansen

Warehouse Manager

When he’s not managing the warehouse in his cowboy boots or talking to customers in his pearl snap shirts, you’ll find him hunting whatever is in season.  Cody is an expert hunting guide and has an eagle eye.  You can find him hunting mule deer, elk, wild turkeys, ducks, pheasants and more!  He likes to build steel shooting targets and has an awesome custom built gun cabinet!  He is an amazing shot and a smart guy!  Cody is currently studying Business at Utah State University, and best of all, ladies… he’s still single!


Bret Hansen

Business Strategist

Bret is passionate about strategy and business management which bodes well for Anarchy Outdoors. He is a dynamic, fast-learning individual with cross disciple experience which allows him to be an effective manager and strategist. He is known for his high standards of quality and excellent communication skills. He enjoys hunting a variety of animals both big and small and is a suberb shot. Bret is currently an MBA candidate at Utah State University and also works as a Product Manager in the FinTech industry.


Calvin Prestwich

Business Development

Calvin works in Business Development in our Sales and Marketing Department. He possess an entrepreneurial spirit which helps him in his position with Anarchy Outdoors.  Calvin is an expert in rifles, handguns, optics, reloading, plus more, and many of the other products offered to the Firearms industry. He is a social media guru and is deeply involved in the shooting community.  When he's not in the office, he enjoys competition shooting, motocross, hunting, helping others, and hanging out with his family and friends.


Nick Smith

Fulfillment Manager

Outside of working in the shipping department, Nick enjoys all things outdoors from biking to skiing to backpacking. He grew up hunting rabbits and coyotes but also enjoys shooting clays and targets as well. One of his favorite things to do is spend a day out on the range with the guys. He also has plans to get into some more serious hunting in the upcoming seasons. He is currently studying Outdoor Product Design and Development at Utah State University.